Fabric selection can make a huge difference when it comes to designing the perfect T-shirt. The fabric you choose will affect the overall feel and durability of your tee. Come along on our fabric journey as we discover the importance of selecting the perfect fabric to print custom T-shirts.

  1. *Cotton – The Classic Canvas**

Cotton t shirt printing singapore have been a staple for decades. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. Prints are also a breeze to apply.

Explore different types of Cotton, like ringspun or combed cotton. Understand how these affect texture and print results.

  • **Polyester – The Athletic Ally**
  • The moisture-wicking qualities of polyester make it the best choice for T-shirts, sportswear and other athletic clothing.

    – Combine polyester with fabrics to enhance durability, flexibility and color retention.

  • *Tri-Blend : Best of Three Worlds**
  • Tri-blends are typically composed of rayon, polyester, or cotton. They offer a unique combination between softness, durability, drape, and durability.

    Tri-blend shirts can provide you with a classic look and feel, as well as a fitted style that will appeal to your modern fashion sense.

  • *Bamboo: the Eco-Friendly Choice**
  • – With sustainability becoming a major focus, Bamboo Fabric emerges as an eco-friendly alternative to custom printed T-shirts.

    – Discover the many benefits that bamboo offers, like its antibacterial properties or moisture absorption.

  • Interlock or Jersey? Which is the better choice for you**
  • Learn about the differences between interlocking and jersey, which are two of the most cheap t shirt printing singapore common fabrics used for T-shirts.

    Learn how the weave process affects the fabric’s weight, stretch and general suitability to various printing methods.

  • **Considerations for Printing Techniques**
  • – Printing techniques like screen printing, direct to garment (DTG), and heat transfer will affect fabrics differently.

    Discover the effects of printing on the fabric and the design.

  • Other Options Besides Cotton
  • Explore the possibilities of unconventional fabrics such as recycled material, hemp or modal.

    Learn about the special characteristics of alternative fabrics and their challenges.


    Selecting the fabric to print on custom T-shirts is similar to choosing the canvas that will be used for your masterpiece. The characteristics of each fabric will influence the overall look, feel and durability of the personalized item. The journey towards finding the right fit starts with the understanding of art and science behind fabric selection. Take this journey through fabric selection and make T-shirts which not only show off your designs but offer a comfortable wearing experience.